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Igreja Sao Goncalo

The church of São Gonçalo Archconfraternity belongs to Our Lady of Good Death and Assumption. The Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Amparo and Boa Morte was possibly built in 1707. The consecration of the temple to São Gonçalo Garcia, Portuguese saint worshiped by crossbred in Brazil occurred in 1766.

The church was built of stone masonry in a wall of plaster, covered with smooth plaster and paint the white lime. The lining of naveEspaço in church, from the entrance to the altar. and the chapel-morCapela principal of a church usually in front of the front door of the building. is of wood. The floor, originally of wood, was replaced with ceramic tiles. The chapel-morCapela principal of a church usually in front of the front door of the building. With side corridors, is separate from naveEspaço in church, from the entrance to the altar. by an arc-cruise. It has three doors at the entrance, with the middle higher. In the choir there are three windows that appear on the facade.
The original building are preserved in the sacristy and side corridors. Inside is quite modified in the light of reforms in the twentieth century. In 1948 the church and several images were felled by SPHAM

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