Ihavandhoo School

Ihavandhoo School


Ihavandhoo has a school owned by the Government called "Ihavandhoo School". Opened in 14 May 1979 at 8:30 am early morning with only 160 students, Ihavandhoo School is one o the most leading educational institutions of Maldives. At first, the school was named as "Ihavandhoo Madharusaa", when it was owned by the local people. It was not until in 2005 that the school became a government school, thus taking the status of a school.

Secondary Education was started in the year 1999. Higher secondary Education was started in 2003 with two streams: Science and Business. Today, this school has facilities like science laboratory, library, Internet, computer lab. Having almost the largest student population in the entire atoll (757 students in 2011), the school is proud to be the only permanent A'level center in the entire atoll. Throughout the history the students of the school has achieved, nationally recognizable results in the exams. Each year, at least one student is nominated for national top10.

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