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Hooghly Imambara is a mosque cum Imambara in Hooghly, West Bengal. The construction of the building was started by Muhammad Mohsin in 1841, which completed in 1861. The building is a two storied structure, which a tall clock tower over the entrance gate. The mosque within the complex has intricate designs and texts from Quran engraved on the wall. The interior of the mosque is decorated with marbles, candles and hanging lanterns.



In my study of 360 degree panorama .. i was and am so impressed with the body of work photographer Roger Berry possess .. the day i saw his panorama .. i was completely zapped and amazed by his creativity .. he shoots all his panorama from on a 18feet pole ..

so i too wanted to try out the same ... the query i asked myself was .. if he can why not i?

though i was into 360 degree panorama shooting but shooting from a 18 feel gives a different point of view to the visual or the landmark one is shooting of the city ...

I spoke to Paras .. had a leanghy discussion on how to get hold of such pole ... called up Rahmat bhai of Rational Photographics .. discussed with him as well ... but no success ...

with the support of Shabir bhai .. i got hold of one such pole in the most famous lane where one can buy the camera accesories ie Cantral Camera Lane from

the only hitch was tht it was 10 feet and not 18 ..

Manfrotto it seems makes 17feet or something but thn i hav no money to invest in such costly pole so settled for this cheap boompole of 10 feet

the kind of panoramas i shoot requires a full frame camera with a shaved Tokina fisheye .. i had both .. but what i did not hv was the guts to attach this costly camera atop a cheap boom pole

i am brave enough but not as to risk my camera .. nevertheless ..

i live on this belief that jo hai aaj hai .. aaj hi karna hai .. there is no tomorow aur meri dictionary mein IMPOSSIBLE naam ki koi jagah nahi hai .. jo thaan liya so thaan liya .. karna hai to karna hai ... dil kiya hai to bas ab to karna hi hai .. no pros and cons .. Just have to do it ...

so laga diya D3X 10 feet pole par .. did a test shot at my bldgs terrace and was successful .. the same i shared with you all as well ... here is the link

real test was to shoot outdoor on location .. and beautiful Kolkata trip gave me that opportunity ..

i shot Hanseswari Mandir ..  Nakoda Masjid .. College street and Coffee house interior with this 10 feet pole ...

shot the standard (ground level) safe shots as well ... 

edited two of them yesterday and both have come out nice .. sharing it with you all ...

when i saw Imambada from this POV .. even i was zapped seeing it ... the cars .. the icecream trolleys .. cycle rickshaw walas looking up .. all conjure up to give a very beautiful perspective  ...

kabhi kuch aisa kaam karna chahiye jisses hum khud rashk kar sake ... hahahahahahaha

so here i proudly present the amazingly beautiful IIambada of Hooghly probably for the first time shot from a 10feet pole ...

i hope you all like it

shot with Nikon D3X @ Tokina fisheye shaved @ D3X attached on 10feet pole ...

thanks so much Sir Roger Berry to introduce me to this kind of amazing photography ...

this panorama would not have been possible without the support of Paul Nilot

and like always lastly don't know how to thnk this brother of mine Shabirali Patel .. i literally make him mad with so much discussions on so many genres .. but he is always very very inspiring and very supportive .. shukriya Shabir bhai for all u do to make me a better photographer each passing day ..

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Copyright: Humayunnn Niaz Ahmed Peerzaada
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8848x4424
Taken: 01/04/2013
Uploaded: 01/04/2013
Updated: 04/01/2014


Tags: imambada; hooghly; west bengal; kolkata; india
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