Jernaldervej/Stenaldervej 26 august 2013

Now, the summertime is over, all the good crimes on tv has ended, it is not so hot, and all the summer-holiday guests has returned to their homes. Nothing to disturb me making pictures - - -

Copyright: Carsten juul holm
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Uploaded: 26/08/2013
Updated: 02/09/2013


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carsten juul holm
Jernaldervej Holmstrup
carsten juul holm
Holmstrup, Aarhus V
carsten juul holm
Somewhere in Holmstrup ( look at the map)
carsten juul holm
carsten juul holm
Imgp9836 Panorama
carsten juul holm
Imgp9861 Panorama Pr1a
carsten juul holm
Just a pano...
carsten juul holm
Imgp9632 Panorama
carsten juul holm
Imgp9637 Compressor Panorama Bc
carsten juul holm
Imgp9646 Panorama
carsten juul holm
tried to remove the pic. of the tripod.
carsten juul holm
Arhus V, Holmstrup
Maxim Nasekin
Microdistrict "Rodniki" ("Springs") from "Energomontage" company
Dieter Hofer
Old Railway Bridge at Ponte Brolla
Jeffrey Martin
Pima Air Museum 7
Willy Kaemena
Panoramic Conference 2010 Tucson
Fariborz Alagheband
Ali Mosque Minarate (Esfahan)
hiroaki AIKAWA
Candy Candy Collection
Ice swimming pier along the lake Siilinjärvi
Martin Hertel
Trafalgar Square - London - UK
Mahmood Hamidi
Haellholmen Angelsberg Sweden
Martin Broomfield
High tide mark, Gili Trawangan
Roger Berry
Pulling Up a Chinese Fishing Net
Jeffrey Martin
Pima Air Museum 1
carsten juul holm
Imgp9239 1 Panorama
carsten juul holm
Imgp9162 1 Panorama2
carsten juul holm
Imgp8961 1 Panorama
carsten juul holm
Igp0085 Panorama
carsten juul holm
Imgp0673 2 Panorama
carsten juul holm
Imgp9454 1 Panorama
carsten juul holm
Imgp7965 1 Panorama
carsten juul holm
Igp0540a Panorama
carsten juul holm
Allinggaard Skov (Allinggaard forest)
carsten juul holm
Springtime in Denmark
carsten juul holm
Holmstrup haver - Aahus V
carsten juul holm
Imgp8606 2 Panorama
More About Aarhus

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark - situated on the eastcoast of Jutland - surrounded by old forests to the north and south and newer one in the west and the bay, Arhus Bugten, with a busy harbour and lovely beaches to the east. A big university  and more than 20 other educational and research institutions resulting in almost every fifth of the inhabitants being students makes Aarhus a young and lively city. You find a lot of cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. in the center.  And a rich variety cultural institions like theaters, music halls, galleries and museum. Year around there are many events, concerts and festivals - Aarhus (Festuge) Festival  in the first week of september is among the largest cultural events in Scandinavia and showcases both local, national and international artists. Aarhus is also and old city. People have been living here by the coast and the "river" Aarhus Aa for many centuries. To sense the history you can go to Den Gamle By (The Old Town) and experience what it was like to live and work in a Danish market town in the old days - or you can go to the archaeological and ethnographic Moesgaard Museum.