Inside Ferrari California in Puerto Banus in Andalucia in Spain

Ferrari, absolute leader in the construction of competition cars, is the world-wide reference in both design and automobile technology, putting into the hands of its clients the cutting-edge technology of competition.

C. de Salamanca is a company involved in luxury vehicle distribution, maintenance, repair and sale of nearly new cars in all our dealers in Costa del Sol and Madrid, with a wide range of exhibitions and a staff consisting of more than 150 professionals.

Our car dealers are meant to make customers´ stay easy and comfortable. There are huge car shows in which the customers will be able to enjoy the latest models.

Our factories own all sortsof spare parts for each brand allowing us to offer a fast and efficient car service for its further repair.

We also own a wide range of exhibitions of almost all the latest vehicles, all checked and guaranteed.

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Copyright: Luciano correa | vista panoramica
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 16000x8000
Uploaded: 30/06/2011
Updated: 30/06/2014


Tags: puerto banus; andalucia; marbella; ferrari; california; store; c de salamanca
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