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Ircha 2012 (International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association)

The International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association (IRCHA) was established as an organization by the pilots, for the pilots.  IRCHA works to promote the continued growth of radio controlled helicopters through education, representation, service, and special events.  Radio controlled helicopters are a dynamic, evolving segment of the AMA and as such IRCHA works closely with the AMA to foster growth and acceptance. Through these endeavors, IRCHA hopes to provide its members with the opportunity to enjoy the hobby, make many new friends, and expand their intellectual interests.

People from all around the world assisted to the 2012 event (like we did from Puebla and Veracurz, Mexico)


Copyright: Uav puebla
Type: Spherical
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Uploaded: 23/08/2012
Updated: 09/04/2014


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UAV Puebla
Ircha 2013 (International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association)
Gregory Arnst
Nickel Plate locomotive 91 cab at Indiana Transportation Museum
Gregory Arnst
Nickel Plate locomotive 99 cab at Indiana Transportation Museum
Gregory Arnst
Indiana Transportation Museum in Noblesville
Gregory Arnst
Fishers Station in Fishers, In (cylindrical)
David Robillard
Butler University Football Stadium - Butler Bowl
Gregory Arnst
Bridge Over The Central Canal Near Indianapolis
David Robillard
Indianapolis Marion Public Library - Central Branch
Jacob Thompson
Hueston 444
Jacob Thompson
Hueston Woods Lodge Ohio 3
David Robillard
Indiana War Memorial Theatre Pershing Auditorium
Jacob Thompson
Hueston Lodge 2
Rafael DeVill
Resting point on Gamsgrubenweg
Geoff Mather
Lands End, Cornwall, England
Andrey Shevchenko
Altai mountains, Katun river
Yehliu Geopark(Ginger,Candle Rocks)
Sergej Esnault
Interiér vodného mlyna na Malom Dunaji - Jelka - Slovakia
Ed Larson Studio - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Richard Chesher
Nouvata Parc Hotel Noumea Tahitian Dancers
Phillip Roberts
Dunraven Bay, Southerndown, Glamorgan Heritage Coast Wales
Michael Pop
Inside court of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
Levent ŞEN
Aydogdu Street
Yehliu Geopark(Mushroom Rocks Forest)
The Chambers of Curiosities
UAV Puebla
Popocatepetl Volcano Ashes
UAV Puebla
Mirador de Puebla desde el Cerro de Loreto, Puebla Mexico
UAV Puebla
0413 Panorámica Aérea Toscana Altura 1 Abril 2013
UAV Puebla
Cerro de Loreto PUEBLA, MEXICO
UAV Puebla
0513 Panorámica Aérea Zona Cascatta Z3
UAV Puebla
Cholula The largest Pyramid of the World with a Church at the Top of it (Volcanos far away)
UAV Puebla
0913 Federal Mogul Pistones
UAV Puebla
0513 Panoramica Aérea Acceso Cascatta
UAV Puebla
Maria del Rosario School
UAV Puebla
UAV Puebla
Puebla Cathedral; Aerial View
UAV Puebla
Catedral de Puebla: Altar de los Reyes
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