Jama Baredine (cave)

The Baredine cave got its name from the expression for the nearby terrain (baredine), which probably comes from the word bared, used in the local dialect to denote untreated land.

Copyright: T. Emrich
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 11256x5628
Taken: 05/09/2009
Uploaded: 25/11/2009
Updated: 17/07/2014


Tags: jama; baredine; grotta; grotte; nova vas; gedici; porec; cave; višnjan; istria; croatia
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T. Emrich
Baredine Höhle, der große Saal
T. Emrich
Cave Baredine
T. Emrich
Tractor at Baredine cave
T. Emrich
Center of Poreč
T. Emrich
The roofs of Poreč
Carsten Arenz
Porec - Istria - Church Plaza at Night
Paul Emck
Porec seaside promenade
Carsten Arenz
Porec - Istria - Oldtown Alley at Night
T. Emrich
Euphrasius’ Basilica
Carsten Arenz
Porec - Istria - Oldtown Alley
B. Strödecke
Promenade in porec istrien
Paul Emck
Novigrad, Istria, Croatia
Stefan Geens
Cho Vuon Chuoi market, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Vasily Kumaev & Andrew Mishin
Mashkobo. Rural life (2009)
Fariborz Alagheband
Khajo Bridge
Jedsada Puangsaichai
Wat Yannawa, Top of Boat Vihara, Bangkok
Row houses of the Edo period
dieter kik
Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne Nantes
Julio Rosquete
Teide Tenerife 2009 12 12 Juliorosq
Hall of Ambassadors, Alcazar of Sevilla
Tibor Illes
M3 Archeopark - new palaeolithic house
Jiri Vambera
Prunerov powerplant
Jann Lipka
Marmor Foajen Dramaten Stockholm
Marcel Janssen
Antwerpen Centraal Station
T. Emrich
Kitchenparty at "Der Alpenhof"
T. Emrich
Scale Heli Team at MHM 2009
T. Emrich
House at Lake Conway
T. Emrich
Church Street Station
T. Emrich
Milano Chathedral at Night
T. Emrich
Asparagus Field
T. Emrich
Gopro HD aerial panorama
T. Emrich
La Gondola Barocca
T. Emrich
Pier 7
T. Emrich
Swiss Air Force's Axalp Demonstration
T. Emrich
The Dom St. Peter
T. Emrich
Power Plant or Christmas Star?
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