Main street in old town of Vodnjan

Vodnjan is a small town situated near Pula on the Istria peninsula. Vodnjan originated from Roman times and share his history with other Istria towns. The main economy of town includes viniculture, olive growing, tourism and farming.

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T. Emrich
Church of St. Blaise
T. Emrich
Main square Vodnjan
Darko Car
Sv Cecilija
Carsten Arenz
Fazana - Istria - Plaza with Fishermen´s Memorial
T. Emrich
Sunset at Fazana
T. Emrich
Fazana Harbor in the evening
Carsten Arenz
Fazana - Istria - Plaza at Harbor
Carsten Arenz
Fazana - Istria - Harbor View
T. Emrich
Sunset at Fazana
Tõnis Raid
Deserted Building near Camping Brioni
Rob Antill
Outlook Festival 2011 - Main Stage
Tom Puchner
Barbariga Bay, Istria, Croatia
Ivan Miladinov
Buzludza monument - Beyond the red stars
Junichi Date
The Maneki-neko of Gotoku-ji
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Grand Canyon Sunset
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Tanna Island, Mont Yasur Volcano, 17h45
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Yalta quay
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Madinet Habu - Path To Second court
Дяченко Евгений
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Switzerland Muri 96-cavity Mold
You Changyeol
용문사 _관음전
You Changyeol
용문사 _대웅전 밖
MoUzEs- Maciej J. Lorek
Vallo Castle, April 2014
Robert Sedrak
Under Tour Eiffel Tower Paris, France
T. Emrich
Kloster Indersdorf
T. Emrich
Historische kutschengala
T. Emrich
NBA City
T. Emrich
Weichs Aerial Panorama
T. Emrich
Jumping off Seabreeze Bridge
T. Emrich
T. Emrich
Aerial view across Kloster Indersdorf
T. Emrich
Liebherr LR 13000 (Bauma 2010)
T. Emrich
View from the roof of the Milano Chathedral
T. Emrich
At the beach at Daytona Beach
T. Emrich
Seven Falls waterfall
T. Emrich
Aerial View Augsburg Main Station
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Istria (Croatian, Slovene: Istra; Italian: Istria; Istriot: Eîstria), formerly Histria (Latin), is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. The peninsula is located at the head of the Adriatic between the Gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner. It is shared by three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.