Japanese Garden inside Rheinauenpark, Bonn, Germany

The garden in japanese style is separate part of the large Rheinauenpark south of the city center. The garden was a donation of the Japanese Government to the citizens of Bonn in 1979.

Picture was taken on a sunny summer evening.

Copyright: Jo lutum
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Uploaded: 18/07/2009
Updated: 18/09/2014


Tags: japanesegarden; park; bonn; germany
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Ruediger Kottmann
Bonn -Japanese Garden at Rheinauen
Jo Lutum
Japanese Garden 2
Ruediger Kottmann
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Rheinaue Bonn
Eva and Sascha Henke
Rheinaue Winter landscape
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Bonn post tower nebengebaeude germany
Ruediger Kottmann
Bonn Seiteneingang Post Tower
Ruediger Kottmann
Bonn - main entrance to Post-Tower
Heinrich Rembe
Post Tower Bonn / Germany
Ruediger Kottmann
Illumination at Post-Tower
Ruediger Kottmann
Bonn - Rheinufer and Konrad-Adenauer-Bridge
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Drachenfels, Dragon´s Rock
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Jo Lutum
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