Jaraíz de la Vera 01

Some interesting ruins that I have found in the countryside, in a place between Garganta la Olla and Jaraíz de la Vera, in Extremadura (Spain).

Copyright: Fran Saa
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Uploaded: 24/01/2014
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Tags: ruins; vegetation; stones
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Jero Morales
Garganta panorama equi copia
Juan-Francisco Vicente-Becerro
Hervas, path to "La chorrera"
Alberto Gil
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Plasencia Plaza Mayor
Jero Morales
Square of Plasencia
Sotero Ferreira
Plaza Mayor - Plasencia
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Catedral de Plasencia
Lorenzo Valles Vila
Plasencia Catedral
Antonio Jesus Sanabria Marcos
Plaza de la catedral
Jero Morales
Plasencia Cathedral
Sotero Ferreira
Catedral Velha de Plasencia
Pete Babij
Henry Ford Bridge Demolition
Fedor Prokopov
Near the waterfall "Devichy kosy"
Ernest Tshagharyan
The monastery of Geghard Armenia
Pietro Madaschi
Aosta - Aoste: Roman Theater - Teatre Romaine - Teatro Romano
Pietro Madaschi
Milan: Basilica of St Ambrogio - Atrium after sunset
Lachlan Murray
WaterFall GoldCoast Queensland
Pietro Madaschi
Mont Blanc - Monte Bianco: Panorama from Helbronner Point
Pietro Madaschi
Bergamo: Angelo Mai Public Library - Biblioteca Civica
Günther Roth
130123 0003 4 5 oswaldhoehle
Daniel Nuevo
Zoco de Artesanos Cordoba
Aaron Priest
Stargazing: Orion and Jupiter
Oliver Guest
130119-IMG 5736-Braasteinvatnet
Fran Saa
Playground / Living room
Fran Saa
Jaraíz de la Vera 01
Fran Saa
Moraira Castle
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Extremadura (Estremaura in Extremadura and the fala). It is a Spanish autonomous community located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is composed of the two largest provinces in Spain: Cáceres yBadajoz. Extremadura bounded on the north by the provinces of Salamanca, Ávila (Castilla y León), south conHuelva, Sevilla and Cordoba (Andalusia), on the east, with Toledo and Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha) and west conPortugal. Its capital is Mérida (Augusta Emerita old), the city recognized by the Statute of Autonomy as the seat of the Government of Extremadura.