Lake at Ozren mountain [summertime]

Ozren mountain above Sokobanja whose peak is 1118 m above sea level. Put the Sokobanja to Ozren is about 5 km. On this mountain are located two hospitals. One of pulmonary disease due to the altitude and pine forests, and the other is for the treatment of eye diseases, because of the abundance of greenery and a favorable wind rose (stujanje and more mixing of air currents) which is suitable for this type of treatment.

The Ozren are two picnic areas. One addition Eye Hospital, and another that is very comfortable next to the pond, with a huge middle park tables and benches. In addition it is also a restaurant and parking area.

Nearby is the waterfall Ripaljka - the highest waterfall in Serbia and the first monument to protect the state law of 1948. year. Ripaljka Waterfall is the highest waterfall in South Serbia, 11 meters high.

On Mount Ozren, there is still one of the jewels of the local tourist necklace: Jermenčić built monastery in the fourteenth century (in 1392). His church dedicated to Holy Archangels Gabriel and Michael. Tradition says that the monastery built Armenians.

The beautifully landscaped resort Kalinovica, the forest-meadow landscape, a special attraction are the two redwood, and a source of cold water which not only toli thirst, but in many cases be used instead of the refrigerator.

Although quite long, not too strenuous walk to either "love stone", which were, say locals, like Hajduk Veljko and Čučuk Stana. Today the custom of two young lovers to stop and kiss the stone, believing that to guarantee eternal love. Stolovita (isolated) rock cliff in the middle of the big meadow is a symbol of love. If the two get on together and photographed rock to remain in love for life.

Little forest paths, a small asphalt road, you can get up to Sharp Čuka, the highest mountain of Ozren. Hence there is a view of the valley and Moravia through the mist you Morava serpent-like points.

The view from Sharp čuke the mountain Suva

If you go ozrenski tracks, here you Jermenčić to the monastery, town or Tatomirovog Ozrenska cave.

Ozren meadows harbor any source "Ðerðelez". Source has been known since the time of slavery under the Turks. Turks have done near the source of worship for rain and the Orthodox were to umivali boljeh očinjeg vision. Apart from that source you can satisfy your thirst at the fountain Barudžija or Šopur where runs cold and clear "Ozrenska dew."

Source: Ozren, Sokobanja

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