Jinjiang Garden Hotel Changchun
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鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春华天大酒店景色之一,Changchun huatian hotel,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春华天大酒店景色之二,Changchun huatian hotel,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春春城大街上的老电车,Changchun spring street,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春华天大酒店景色之三,Changchun huatian hotel,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春开元名都大酒店景色之三,Changchun kaiyuan names hotel,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春锦江广场景色之二十五,Changchun jinjiang square,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春锦江广场景色之二十四,Changchun jinjiang square,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春市妇女儿童活动中心,Changchun children activity center, women
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春锦江广场景色之二十三,Changchun jinjiang square,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春锦江广场景色之二十二,Changchun jinjiang square,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春锦江广场景色之二十一,Changchun jinjiang square,
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春锦江广场景色之十六,Changchun jinjiang square,
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More About Changchun

From Wikipedia: Changchun (simplified Chinese: 长春; traditional Chinese: 長春; literally "Long Spring") is the capital and largest city of Jilin province, located in the northeast of the People's Republic of China, in the center of the Songliao Plain. It is administered as a sub-provincial city with a population of about 7.5 million under its jurisdiction, including counties and county-level cities. The name originated from the Jurchen language. The urban districts of Changchun's city proper have a total population of 3.58 million.