Jixi County Feng Cungu village - ancient village street
Anhui Province

Jixi County Feng Cungu village, north Jixi County 38 kilometers. One of for Jixi most ancient villages. According to "Feng Clan register", this village for Tang Xiantong six years (856 years), xi the state punctures Shi Feng Zihua eldest son Feng Yan Pu to construct. Here historic building are most, enters the

village from the village eastern end, may see ancient mansion 7 in turn: The big tree, cooperates the politics, the provincial governor, to succeed in the imperial civil service examination system, state the herd, five Ma Di, state Sima. These mansion facade is complete, the carving is fine, before the front door, has the lithical engraved pillar. Has stone memorial arch 4, is in turn: Kindness and honor centenary memorial arch, Dr. work place, successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations work place, heroically chaste
work place. And the successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations work place, constructed in the bright Cheng Hua ten years (in 1474), the modelling was most artistic, the carving was especially exquisite. Has ancient bridge 13, next megalith stands horizontally by dragon boat raft the , in the stone has the hole, the hole diameter more than a chi, the mountain stream goes through a hole. In the village also has ancient Chinese scholartree 9, has a distinctive style, the locality is named it “nine Chinese scholartree 13 bridges

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Anhui Province, a province of the PRC, located in the east, the Yangtze River Delta hinterland. Across the Huaihe River, Yangtze River, the three major river systems Xin'anjiang. Provincial capital of Hefei. Anhui geographical diversity, both north and south colors. Is a southern province of Anhui Qing, Kangxi 6 years (AD 1667), analysis of southern provinces of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces and the formal province, take time Anqing, Huizhou, two governments, named after the first word. Territory Wan Shan, Anhui water, that today's Anhui Tianzhu Mountain and River, Spring and Autumn when the country was labeled Po, called Wan country, it is referred to Anhui Anhui.