Joseph Chapel - Lorettoberg - Freiburg - Black Forest

The Loretto Chapel are more or less three small chapels under one roof: Loretto chapel the biggest chapel in the centre - dedicated to Mary, Annen Chapel in the east and the later built Joseph Chapel in the west of the building.

The citizens of Freiburg vowed in the fightings of the war of 1644, between France and Bavaria at the end of the thirty years' war, to built a chapel in case of a victory, to replace the Joseph Chapel, which had been destroyed during the fights. The Loretto Chapel was finally built in 1657.

Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque Architecture can be seen in the three chapels.

The pano shows the interior of the Joseph Chapel. If you like to see the outside of the three chapels have a look at Carsten T. Rees pano: Loretto Chapel

Copyright: Manfred Huchler
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