Just South of Vista Peak 2011/09/10

This photo was taken near the top of Vista Peak just to the south. It was a beautiful early fall day and the colors on the tundra were just starting to turn. There are decent views of Anchorage, Fire Island, Cook Inlet, Roundtop, Blacktail Rocks, Vista, Magnificent, and Significant.

Copyright: Scott harper
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10000x5000
Uploaded: 15/09/2011
Updated: 06/08/2014


Tags: nature; mountain; alaska; chugach; alpine tundra
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Scott Harper
Pre-Dawn South of Vista Peak
Scott Harper
Vista Peak
Scott Harper
Vista Peak just before sunrise
Scott Harper
Coming down Vista at Sunrise
Scott Harper
Near Vista Peak 2011 09 10
Scott Harper
Sunrise after neverending night
Scott Harper
North of Mile Hi Peak
Scott Harper
Behind the Blacktail Rocks
Scott Harper
Clouds Breaking Up from Mount Magnificent
Scott Harper
Mount Magnificent in the Clouds
Scott Harper
Mile Hi Peak
Scott Harper
Enjoying the Sun and the View
Günter Jibben
Aurich mausoleum
Christian Kleiman
Petit Eiffel Kiosk at Champ de Mars Garden
luis davilla
Dave Walker
Rievaulx Abbey High Altar
Brandon Ore
The Healing Room, Saint Roch Cemetery, New Orleans
Lantau Link Two Bridge(青嶼雙橋---左青馬右汀九), Tsing Yi, NT, HK
David Rowley
Seal Pups At Wharariki Beach
Martin Hertel
Blaue Stunde an der Rialto-Brücke
Jeffrey Martin
360º Aerial Photo of the Kamenny Privoz Skyline - G0064751
Fabian Lueghausen
Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg
Teake van Popta
stoomgemaal Cruquius
Nikolay Isaev
House mountain
Scott Harper
Under the Kap on Norderney
Scott Harper
Cypress Island on Lake Marion near Cuddo Unit of Santee Wildlife Refuge
Scott Harper
Aurora from my driveway
Scott Harper
2013 Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures 06
Scott Harper
Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site Observation Deck
Scott Harper
Grosser Norderneyer Leuchtturm
Scott Harper
A sunny day at the ERNC
Scott Harper
Along the Dock at Reykjavík Harbor
Scott Harper
Between Dew Lake And The Dew Mound
Scott Harper
Inside Hallgrímskirkja
Scott Harper
From Hope Mountain
Scott Harper
Above Eklutna Lake
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