Top of Mt. Kagenobu; west side

Mt. Kagenobu (727 m) is one of the best hiking spot near Tokyo. It was exceptionally fine day.  You can see central tokyo (in the East), Yokohama (SE), Mt. Tanzawa (S), and Lake Sagami (SW).  Mt. Fuji is also seen against the light of the sun.  There is a tea shop on the top of the mountain, people enjoyed hot tea, noodles, and soup on the bench.

Copyright: Taro Tsubomura
Type: Spherical
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Taken: 04/12/2011
Uploaded: 10/12/2011
Updated: 09/07/2014


Tags: moutains
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More About Tama

Tama area is the name of the western part of Tokyo Metropolis.  It consists of 26 cities, 3 towns and a village.  A lot of people (about 4 milion) live in a eastern half part of the area.  However, there are many mountains in the western part of Tama area, and there are very little flat land.  Many hiking spots are in the western area, so you can enjoy walking on the trail, camping, and so on.  If you see the beautiful mountain scene, you may not believe this is also in Tokyo.