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Kamskaya Street at Autumn, Volzhsky, VPI VolgGTU (V) University

Kamskaya Street at Autumn in Volzhsky, near Volzhsky Polytechnical University.

Volzhsky Polytechnical Institute was established in 1965 as an evening faculty of Volgograd Polytechnical Institute.

Since 1995 it has been VSTU’s (Volgograd State Technical University) branch. For more than 40 years, VPI has gone a long way from an evening faculty to a modern higher education institution with well-established facilities and highly-qualified staff. The distinctive features of the institute are the high volume of scientific and research work, good contacts with the industry and a high employment rate of its graduates.

Preparation of specialists for the local industry, as well as the creation of a social stratum of students and intelligentsia who ensure social stability and contribute to establishing a higher level of culture in Volzhsky and the areas east of the Volga River.

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Tags: volzhsky; autumn; trees; university; vpi; volggtu; volgograd; kamskaya; street
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Public garden with willow trees.
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Kamskaya Street at Autumn, Volzhsky, VPI VolgGTU (V) University
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