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Kaohsiung Port Station
The Kaohsiung Port Station, constructed in 1900, was the first train station in Kaohsiung as well as the final destination of the north-south railway at that time. The over a hundred-year-old station had stopped functioning and was transformed in 2010 into the Takao Railway Museum that exhibits antique objects used in the rail station. An old-time steam locomotive is exhibited outdoors beside the recreational plaza. Visitors of all ages are invited to get a sense of olden-days lifestyle at the rail station in Kaohsiung. The old rail track, installed with wooden planks, is turned into bicycle path and linked to the bicycle path network which then connects to the harbor. 
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Taken: 23/06/2012
Uploaded: 18/08/2012
Updated: 27/11/2012


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jacky cheng
Kaohsiung - TAKAO Railway Museum -9 - Taiwan -2012
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Fishermen's Wharf, Former Banana Warehouse
jacky cheng
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jacky cheng
Kaohsiung - Fisherman's Wharf - Night-2 -2012
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