Karaoke with the Snappy Shutters
City of Melbourne
Copyright: Neil creek
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 14000x7000
Uploaded: 28/10/2011
Updated: 03/07/2014


Tags: karaoke; singing; indoor; night; fun; party
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More About Victoria

Victoria is Australia's second smallest State and covers only 3% of Australia's land area but has the second highest population of all States and Territories. Victoria's mainland and islands have a total length of 2,512 kilometres coastline which is about 4.2% of Australia's 59,736 kilometres of coastline. Australia is the driest inhabited continent and Victoria is no exception although the state capital Melbourne has the reputation to have 4 seasons in one day. Victoria is located in the southeast of mainland Australia and includes the most southern point on mainland Australia at Wilsons Promontory National Park.