karnak Main Axis - Senenmut Obelisk
Luxor & Karnak

one of a series of 17 panos taken at the Temple of Karnak Main Axis which leads to the holy of holies and beyond , this one is taken beside the famous Obelisk designed by Senenmut (Queen Hatshepsut royal architect) it has a different and unique heiroglyphs layout and design.

Copyright: Salma El Dardiry
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10000x5000
Taken: 24/12/2013
Uploaded: 30/01/2014
Updated: 09/10/2014


Tags: egypt; luxor; karnak; temple; ancient; hatshepsut; senenmut; architect; design; obelisk; sun; daylight; flare; egyptian; pharaohs; main; axis
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More About Luxor & Karnak

Part of the Holy Land, Egypt offers a fascinating mixture of ancient pyramids, temples and other religious monuments. There are numerous possibilities to explore Egypt from desert treks to trips down the Nile or scuba diving in the Red Sea and along the Sinai coast. Cairo, which means “The Triumphant”, is home to the pyramids, sphinx and over 17 million residents within its metropolitan area. Luxor is often described as the world’s largest open air museum, built on the ancient city of Thebes. The Karnak temple complex, located near Luxor, is a collection of ancient temples, chapels and various other buildings.