"Kedrovy", townhouse village

The village is built of investment and construction company "Russia" in 2010.

The concept of the village includes:

- construction of three-level apartments,
- integrated architectural and landscape ensemble
- modern utilities,
- high-quality eco-friendly materials
- utilities and public services,
- enclosed area, CCTV, security post.

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Markin Aleksandr
Kedroviy town - Novosibirsk (Russia)
Maxim Nasekin
Кладбище советских воинов, погибших от ран в госпиталях Новосибирска (1941-1945)
Markin Aleksandr
Novosibirsk city (Russia) from Helicopter view
Maxim Nasekin
Microdistrict "Rodniki" ("Springs") from "Energomontage" company
Igor Marx
Novosib 106
Popov Semen
Ohotskaya 81
Maxim Nasekin
Microdistrict "Rodniki" ("Springs") from "Energomontage" company (view from the roof)
kate lee
Новосибирск, ул.Аэропорт, 1а
Markin Aleksandr
Novosibirsk city (Russia) from Helicopter view
Ganin Alexandr
Three hundred pine
Sib Fair. roof
Popov Semen
Minina 9
Beijing Huairou Mutianyu Great Wall 1——The Great Wall Mutian Valley show
Chekhov House-Museum. Exhibition
Brandon Riza
Dawn on the summit of Teewinot Mountain
Martin Broomfield
Waterton Lake, Alberta, Canada
Thomas K Sharpless
Building the Dream Car
Bill Edwards
Jimi Hendrix Memorial, Purple Haze, Renton, WA
Willy Kaemena
Damascus Syria - Antique and local art shop
Tadashi IKUTA
The Swimming Pool: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Quick 360
Rainbow and Drama Light new
yunnan Yuanmou County The Earth Forest tulin 1——Geological wonders of nature
Jan Vrsinsky
Graffiti Backyard
Willy Kaemena
Damascus Old Town
Maxim Nasekin
Ascension cathedral (St. Alexander Nevsky's and Pius Gideon Propator's Temple)
Maxim Nasekin
Autumn Novosibirsk bird's-eye view
Maxim Nasekin
St. Sergius of Radonezh and Our Lady of Kazan Temple (outside)
Maxim Nasekin
Ascension Cathedral - north side
Maxim Nasekin
Sundial near the Children and Youth Center "Planetarium"
Maxim Nasekin
"Globe" Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theatre
Maxim Nasekin
Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
Maxim Nasekin
Novosibirsk. Ob Embankment
Maxim Nasekin
Maxim Nasekin
Novosibirsk Expocentre
Maxim Nasekin
A monument of wooden architecture "Smirnova's female grammar school"
Maxim Nasekin
More About Novosibirsk region

Novosibirsk region is a part of Siberian federal district of Russian Federation. It's located in south-west Siberia and adjacent to the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia's Altai region. Its administrative and economic center is the city of Novosibirsk.