Key West Oldest House, Womans Club, Red Barn Theater

This view is from the 300 block of Duval St which is the main street of old town Key West. The white building across the street is the oldest house in Key West. It used to be at another location in Key West. The large brick building is the Key West Womans club. Its one of the few brick building in Key West. Key West went broke in the 1920s. There was a major change in ownership of property during this time. If the city did not go bankrupt The woman club building would still be a single family house. The Red Barn Theater is in the rear of the house.

Copyright: John Conway
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Uploaded: 15/09/2012
Updated: 09/10/2014


Tags: key west; old town key west; oldest house key west; red barn theater; key west woman club
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