Krefeld Uerdingen harbour entrance

Additional view of the harbour area of Krefeld Uerdingen, we can see the old bridge over river rhine and the rhine cape with the harbour office.

Copyright: Patricia müller
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 15000x7500
Uploaded: 05/02/2012
Updated: 11/08/2014


Tags: krefeld; uerdingen; harbour entrance; rhine cape; bridge; harbour office
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Patricia Müller
Krefeld Uerdingen Rhine Cape Harbour Office
Patricia Müller
Krefeld Uerdingen near swing bridge view from down
Patricia Müller
Krefeld Uerdingen Containerhafen
Patricia Müller
Krefeld Uerdingen near swing bridge up
Patricia Müller
Krefeld Uerdingen Rhine promenade walk
Patricia Müller
Krefeld Uerdingen ponton bridge pier
Burg linn krefeld
Burg Linn - Saal mit Nebenraum und Schale
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Roermond Hatenboer row and sail club
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Virtual village of Einstingen near railway station
Patricia Müller
Virtual village of Einstingen near phone cell
Patricia Müller
Krefeld-Uerdingen Hafeneinfahrt
Patricia Müller
Gutshof Heimendahl Kempen Eingangsbereich
Patricia Müller
Krefeld Wooden Bridge over Niepkuhlen lakes
Patricia Müller
Hausboote Maasbracht
Patricia Müller
Verwaltungsgebäude ehemalige Stahlwerke Becker, Seitenansicht
Patricia Müller
Krefeld Huelser Bruch near Rennstieg
Patricia Müller
Administration Former Becker Steelworks
Patricia Müller
Willich Industrial area locomotive
Patricia Müller
Netherlands Maasbracht Maas Promenade
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