Kreuzboden 2

Kreuzboden is 2400m above sea level, near Saas Grund in Switzerland, Europe. Hikers have here the perfect opportunities for mountain climbing with a fascinating landscape of the mountain. From Kreuzboden can enjoy a majestic view of Mischabel mountains and the Saas Fee village.

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Tags: kreuzboden; switzerland; saas grund; nature; europe; valais; saas valley
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Isabel Marques
Kreuzboden 1
Isabel Marques
Kreuzboden Lake
Luis Marques
Fritz Hanke
Catholic Church St. Bartholomäus of Saas Grund
Fritz Hanke
Fritz Hanke
Baroque Round Church of Saas-Balen 1
Fritz Hanke
Baroque Round Church of Saas-Balen 2
Fritz Hanke
Baroque Round Church of Saas-Balen 3
Isabel Marques
Saint Theodor’s Chappel
Isabel Marques
Saint Theodor’s Chappel - Interior
Isabel Marques
Kapellenweg 1
Luis Marques
Alpine Gorge
Jorge García de Andoín
Morach Beach, Alicante, Spain
Klaus Mayer
Troubridge Hill Lighthouse
Serge Vorobiev
2009 filtered 2
Ederson Nunes
Viaduto na Avenida Borges de Medeiros - Boulevard Overpass
Jürgen Matern
Gustav-Heinemann-Bridge in the evening light
Levent ŞEN
40 Steps
Gregor Kervina
Winter Dream Sunset on Krvavec
Lee Casalena
Japanese Tea Garden
jacky cheng
City God Temple Cai Shenmiao Xiandian
Jorge García de Andoín
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain
Tibor Illes
Advent bale theatre
Mark Weber
Dresden Theaterplatz
Isabel Marques
Vasco da Gama Bridge
Isabel Marques
It's time for St. Moritz Polo
Isabel Marques
Belém Tower 1st floor
Isabel Marques
Via Serlas
Isabel Marques
Stockalperschloss – playground
Isabel Marques
Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen
Isabel Marques
Amareleja Central Solar Photovoltaic 2
Isabel Marques
October 5 Square
Isabel Marques
Oriente Gare at Night
Isabel Marques
Amareleja Central Solar Photovoltaic 3
Isabel Marques
Hannigestrasse-Saas Fee
Isabel Marques
Piazzale Luigi Cardona
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