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KUD "Aleksandrovac"

Cultural Summer Program spa, August 2011.

The Organization for Tourism, Culture and Sport Sokobanja, continues to organize content within the SPA Cultural Summer 2011th By late summer smenjivaće the wide range of events, plays, performances cultural societies, literary evenings, concerts. Venue amphitheater in front of the Heritage Museum, Central town square and outdoor theater, "Spring". All these facilities are free for visitors.

Program "of the SPA Cultural Summer" for the month of August 2011.

    01.avgust - Monday - RTS wagon - "While traveling, singing ...."
    03.avgust - Wednesday - Orchestra "Old Town"
    04.avgust - Thursday - UU "Spring" - literary evening
    05.avgust - Friday - "Do not play the English" - a theater play
    06.avgust - Saturday - KUD "Mladost" - Čubra, Negotin
    07.avgust - Sunday - "Small glitches" - performance for children
    09.avgust - Tuesday - KUD "Soko"
    August 10 - Wednesday - "Neverne babies" - concert
    11.august - Thursday - KK "Hawk feather" - literary evening
    12.august - Friday - MF "first harmonic" - finals
    13.august - Saturday - MF "first harmonic" - finals
    15 August - Monday - "Hamlet in the village of Donja M." - play
    August 16 - Tuesday - KUD "Aleksandrovac"
    17.august - Wednesday - Orchestra "Sokograd"
    18.august - Thursday - UU "Spring" - literary evening
    20.august - Saturday - Festival - "The game round under the Ozren"
    August 22 - Monday - "deputy" - play
    23 August - Tuesday - KUD "Mladost" - Čitluk
    24.august - Wednesday - "The Challengers" - a mini rock concert
    25.august - Thursday - KK "Hawk feather" - literary evening
    26 August - Friday - "Pack and Pippi the Clown" - performance for children
    28 August - Sunday - Active Women "Pensioners' Club"
    30 August - Tuesday - KUD "Soko"

NOTE: Programs are conducted in the atrium, in front of Heritage Museum, starting at 20 hours, except MF "first harmonic" which takes place on the summer stage "Spring" and the concert band "Neverne baby", which takes place on the square in center.

Souce: banjsko kulturno leto

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