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Kyrenia Castle has been standing since the 7th Century and many believe it was built to protect the town against raids from the Arab lands. Throughout the centuries, Kyrenia Castle has undergone many restorations especially during the Lusignan period. Built during an era of knights and archery the castle was designed with this in mind. During reconstruction in 1489 the castle was remodelled to coincide with the artillery era. Two towers were also added but in 1570 the castle was once again under siege and taken over by the Ottomans. Like any castle built for protection, Kyrenia castle is entered via a bridge built over a moat which was until the 1400s filled with water.

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Ergec Senturk
Entrance, Kyrenia Castle, North Cyprus
Ergec Senturk
Bridge, Kyrenia Castle, North Cyprus
Ergec Senturk
St George Church, Kyrenia Castle
Ergec Senturk
Kyrenia Castle Evening, North Cyprus
Ergec Senturk
Shipwreck Museum 3, Kyrenia Castle
Ergec Senturk
Kyrenia Castle 2
Ergec Senturk
Kirni Village Bronze Age Tombs, Kyrenia Castle
Ergec Senturk
Ancient Villagers, Kyrenia Castle, North Cyprus
Ergec Senturk
Shipwreck Museum 2, Kyrenia Castle
Ergec Senturk
Shipwreck Museum, Kyrenia Castle
Ergec Senturk
Lusignan Tower, Kyrenia Castle, Cyprus
Ergec Senturk
Lusignan Tower, Kyrenia Castle
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St Hilarion Castle, Kyrenia, Cyprus
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Very Small Cafe in Bellapais, Kyrenia, Cyprus
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Apostolos Andreas Monastery - Traditional Handcrafts, Karpas, Cyprus
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St Hilarion Castle, Kyrenia, Cyprus
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St. Sophia Cathedral, Nicosia, Cyprus 3
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Kyrenia Castle 3
More About Kyrenia

Kyrenia (Greek: Κερύνεια, Kerýneia; Turkish: Girne) is a town on the northern coast of Cyprus, noted for its historic harbour and castle.In its heyday Kyrenia harbour was lined with warehouses in which were stored the fruits of the countryside whilst they awaited export. The harbour is currently used largely for pleasure craft, and the buildings are now mostly all restaurants, with outdoor tables along the water. The harbour is particularly busy during the summer season, which is when it is greeted with mass loads of tourists. Daily boat tours of Kyrenia and Karpaz take off from this ancient harbour. A larger harbour is located a few miles east of the town centre, used by commercial shipping and ferries from the Turkish mainland. Despite the unrecognized state of the TRNC, it is known that Cruise liners carrying tourists often stop at Kyrenia before making their way onto different Destinations, such as Egypt. This has been said to be the collapse of the decades long embargo that the TRNC has been under.