Lac Blanc refuge du carro Bonneval sur arc
Maurienne valley, Savoy Alps

The Black Lake and Lac Blanc du Carro, from the Ecot (Bonneval-sur-Arc)

Bonneval over at the back of the Maurienne valley, a place simply wonderful!
Fall offers the most beautiful hikes.
The light is softer. Alpine meadows are adorned with golden tones. Snow decorates the tops to offer great contrasts ...

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Copyright: Stephane craffe
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Updated: 10/11/2012


Tags: lac noir; bonneval; maurienne; lac blanc; alpes; savoie; refuge du carro
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Michel M A L H E R B E.
Chapelle de l'ECOT
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Village de l'ECOT
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L'Arc sur la route de l'écot, Pont de la LAMA
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waterfall of La Reculaz
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Le Ski d'été, c'est ICI !
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Sur la route de l'Iseran, vallon de la Lenta
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Le long du ruisseau de la LENTA, via sa cascade.
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Vallon de la Lenta, tout en haut
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Col de l'ISERAN
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Vallon de la Lenta, cascade à côté du refuge
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