Lake of Caldonazzo - "Le barche"

Lake of Caldonazzo - "Le barche"

Lake Caldonazzo is located in the Valsugana, not far from the popular lake Garda. It features a surface of 627 sqm and a lenght of 5 km and it is the largest lake in the Trentino, as the surface of lake Garda does not entirely belong to the Trentino territory. Up to the 14th century, lake Caldonazzo extended to the city of Pergine.

The average depth of the lake is 26.5 m. Even if lake Caldonazzo is an alpine lake, it is very popular for bathing, as its average temperature in summer months - June 20°, July 23°, August 24° - is perfect for a refreshing bath.

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Copyright: Claudio Agostini
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Taken: 20/01/2010
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