Lee Gardner, Kula, Hawaii, Interior House Photo of Living and Kitchen Area

Check out this beautiful house on Maui, Hawaii with Bi-Coastal views of both the north and south shores. Lee and his wife actual built and designed this house theme selves and Lee set all of the granite, marble and tile himself.

Copyright: Randy Hufford
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7180x3590
Taken: 17/06/2011
Uploaded: 17/06/2011
Updated: 17/10/2014


Tags: interior; house; hawaii; maui
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Randy Hufford
Lee Gardner Front Entrance Kula House
Randy Hufford
Lee Gardner House Pool View from Kula, Maui, Hawaii
hyatt maui
Warren Eckstein
Haleakala Crater
Warren Eckstein
Haleakala 2
kazuaki kashima
Haleakala Visitor Center
Dave Tonnes
Haleakala National Park, Maui
Warren Eckstein
Haleakala Crater
Peter Stahl
Haleakala Crater. Maui,Hawaii
Peter Stahl
Home away from home. Maui Hawaii
Peter Stahl
Kamaole Beach Sunset,Kihei Maui, Hawaii
Dave Tonnes
Mokapu Beach
Michael Pop
Inside court of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
Yehliu Geopark(Mushroom Rocks Forest)
Richard Chesher
Lifou Tour Beaches Drueulu
Geoff Mather
Lands End, Cornwall, England
Richard Chesher
Lifou New Caledonia Accommodation Helen Gaze Inside
Ed Larson Studio - Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Chambers of Curiosities
Levent ŞEN
Aydogdu Street
Andrey Shevchenko
Altai mountains, Katun river
Yehliu Geopark(Ginger,Candle Rocks)
Rafael DeVill
Resting point on Gamsgrubenweg
Alexey Bazlaev
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