Les Marches du Geant (Rouet - Gabriac)

Seen from the natural terrace at les "Marches du Géant" as called by geocachers, between Le Moulin de Rouet and Gabriac. The Pic Saint Loup can be seen on the horizon, opposed to the church of St Etienne de Gabriac and the Cevennes far to the north.

The huge limestone steps on top of which we stand can be seen from The Pic Saint Loup, from the Fambétou pass between the Pict St Loup the facing "Montagne de l'Hortus". They can also be seen from parts of the trails that runs on the edge of l'Hortus. All these are beautiful regional hiking trails.

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Copyright: Jeremie Francois
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 12000x6000
Uploaded: 14/01/2013
Updated: 10/10/2014


Tags: nature; stone; sun; blue sky; open; church; limestone; garrigue
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More About Languedoc-Roussillon

Languedoc-Roussillon is a French region which is composed of five departments. It is bounded by Spain, Andorra in the south and along the Mediterranean Sea (Gulf of Lions). Other French region limit the regions of Languedoc-Roussillon: Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, Rhone-Alpes, Auvergne, Midi-Pyrenees. The natural boundaries are the Pyrenees and the so-called threshold Lauragais, the Cévennes and the Rhône.In 2004, the Regional Council chose a joint new logo symbolizes the sun, which has the motto: "Living in Septimania. In fact, the current president of the Regional Council, Georges Freche wanted to rename the area "Septimania", but then it has to do so. Septimania is an old name, used since the fifth century for the region, but the Department of Lozère was not yet among them. Above all, the Catalans rejected by an overwhelming majority of this amendment. After numerous protests, including a demonstration of about 8,000 people on the 8th October 2005 in Perpignan, Georges Freche was the project of Bezeichnugsänderung in "Septimania" and the name of the region Languedoc-Roussillon "is introduced as an official designation for the Regon.The languages of the region along with French, Occitan (Languedoc, Auvergne, Provence), and Catalan. The name of the region favors Lengadòc-Rosselhon Occitan and Catalan Rosselló-Llenguadoc.