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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", light installation by italian artists Max Briga and Mauro Robasto, who play with the placeholder text most used by graphics and publishers worldwide.


Copyright: Alessandro Ugazio
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13460x6730
Uploaded: 07/11/2013
Updated: 08/10/2014


Tags: "lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"; light; art installation; paratissima 9; contemporaryart turin
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30,000 pizzas
More About Turin

Capital as well as cultural and business center of the Piedmont region, Turin is famous as headquarters of Fiat and Lancia, birthplace of Telecom Italia and Rai television and host of the 2006 Winter Olympics. Turin has a modern public transport infrastructure so it is easy to get to architectural sites and museums, most notably the Mole Antonelliana, which is the home of the National Cinema Museum. Home to Torino and Juventus, two historical italian football teams, the region is famous as the birth place of solid chocolate over 200 years ago. Gianduiotto is perhaps the most famous Turin chocolate currently in production.