Los Nevados, Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada, Mérida (Venezuela)

"Los Nevados" is a beautiful mountain village, situated in the middle of the "Sierra Nevada" National Park at an altitude of 2711mts. The town is separated of Merida by the highest mountains in Venezuela, "Pico El Toro" (4755mts), "Pico Leon" (4740mts) and "Pico Bolivar" (5007mts).

It is a mainly agricultural area, dedicated to the production of potato, garlic and wheat. It is surrounded by lakes and mountains ideal for fishing and hiking.

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Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
Snow Virgin at the top of the Merida Cable Car
Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
Estación "Loma Redonda" en el Teleférico de Mérida
Jesús González
Pico Bolívar: Cumbre, Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Laguna Verde, Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada (Venezuela)
Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
Estación base Teleférico de Mérida
Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
Cable car main station (Barinitas Station)
Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
"Las Heroinas" Park
Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
Violin Practice
Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
El Espejo
Gerardo Antonio Sánchez Torres
Plaza El Espejo / Cementerio Municipal
jacky cheng
National Aquatics Center-Water Cube(Platform)
Юрий Рыбальский
Fields by Highway 22x
刘 瑞华
20140121 07
Jan 2014 George Washington Bridge
Benedek Pozsgay
Hungarian Parliament - Delegation room
Calvin K McDonald
Middle Hanson Lake 2, Sawtooth National Forest, Stanley Idaho, USA
jacky cheng
Urumqi red mountain park - red mountain pagoda-2007
Joby Catto
View 2 inside a decommissioned US Navy C-117D, Iceland
Cat Amphone
Cathédrale Saint-Etienne à Cahors par CatAmphone
Milo Timbol
Barracuda lake in coron, palawan, philippines
Federico Infanti
Venice - view on Palazzo Ducale
Konstantin Martalog
Auditorium and stage of the Pavlodar Chekhov Theatre
Jesús González
Roraima Tepui: Road to The Lost World, Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Roraima Tepui: Back from The Lost World, Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Anaway Falls, Gran Sabana, Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Toroncito, Gran Sabana, Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Roraima Tepuy: La Fosa, Parque Nacional Canaima (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Arapena Meru (Yuruani Fall), Great Savannah, Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Auyantepui: Sunset - Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Sororopan Tepui's Summit 2, Gran Sabana, Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Toron Fall, Gran Sabana, Canaima National Park (Venezuela)(1)
Jesús González
Kako Paru (Jasper Creek), Great Savannah, Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Mucubají Lagoon, Sierra Nevada National Park, Mérida (Venezuela)
Jesús González
Iwore Fall (Bottom), Gran Sabana, Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
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