Minsk, loshitskyi park. Red mill ruins and amphitheater (Minsk, Belаrus)

Red mill ruins. This house was built in 19th century and belonged to Lubanskyi family. In Soviet Union time it was Ministry of Internal Affairs School. The landscape around belongs to Loshitskyi park that settled on the banks of Svislach river. Also you can see amphitheater right side from the ruins. This panorama has been taken in the KAP style from the height about 100m. Equipment - 6 foot Rokkaku kite, KAP Rig robot, Canon A800 photo camera.

Copyright: Igor chuevskyi
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 16798x8399
Uploaded: 04/12/2013
Updated: 11/12/2013


Tags: kite aerial photography; kap; aerial
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