Lunar panorama: Chang'e 3 lander
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Panoramic photo by Andrew Bodrov PRO EXPERT MAESTRO Taken 01:07, 20/01/2014 (CST +0800) - Views loading...


Lunar panorama: Chang'e 3 lander

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China National Space Administration (Image credit: CNSA/

Chang'e 3 is a lunar exploration mission operated by the China National Space Administration (CNSA), incorporating a robotic lander and China's first lunar rover. It was launched in December 2013 as part of the second phase of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program.

The spacecraft was named after Chang'e, the goddess of the Moon in Chinese mythology, and is a follow-up to the Chang'e 1 and Chang'e 2 lunar orbiters. The rover was named Yutu following an online poll, after the mythological rabbit that lives on the Moon as a pet of the Moon goddess.

Source: Wikipedia

  • Jim Watters 7 months ago
    Nice composition Andrew. Adding the Earth and Sun definitely helps with the sense of being there. With the phase of the earth and size it is obviously faked, but I don't mind that.
  • transientdreams 7 months ago
    Es el sol.
  • transientdreams 7 months ago
    The sky has been artificially darkened, as you can tell by the area around the sun. Also, the Earth has definitely been 'Added' and not very well either. Besides that, there SHOULD be a number of hills and low mountains in the distance, but they have all been 'Blacked-out' for some reason.
  • idna 7 months ago
    Shouldn't there have also been stars visible in the sky?
  • Brant 7 months ago
    What is this and who posted it? What is all that other garbage that's been added into this image? And more curiously, WHY? Also, that "earth" in the sky couldn't have been in this photo sequence. Somebody added it in. It's too big, the wrong phase, and the wrong polar angle. Again, who did that, and why? Did Andrew Bodrov do this, or someone else?
  • ádrian Bastian 7 months ago
    que es lo q sale justo encima encima de la tierra inclinado hacia la derecha?sol?venus?...?
  • Pfft 7 months ago
    Obviously the same studio that was used to setup the original Moon Landing Hoax. JUST KIDDING!! The panoramic view is awesome. Especially with the Moon, Earth, and Sun all in one shot. Thanks for sharing China!
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