Madonnina - Milan
Madonnina is the designation given to the statue of Santa Maria, locate at the Cathedral of Milano, that is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente, in Italy, Europe. The statue of Madonnina, with about four meters height, that is covered with leaves of gold and placed on the top the cathedral, which overlooks a beautiful panorama of Milano city.
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Updated: 26/08/2014


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T. Emrich
Mailänder Dom, Die Nacht geht - der Morgen graut
Roberto Mancuso
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza Duomo corner
Alex Chang
米蘭購物名品街 Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
Dzmitry Lasko
On the roof of Milan Duomo
T. Emrich
Inside Milano Cathedral
Dzmitry Lasko
On the roof of Milan Duomo | На крыше миланского собора
Roberto Mancuso
Corso Vittorio Emaulele II in front of Via Beccaria
Roberto Mancuso
Piazza del Liberty, in front of via San Paolo
Alessandro T.
Duomo di Milano - interno
Dzmitry Lasko
Внутри миланского собора | Inside of Milan Duomo 3
Alex Chang
米蘭大教堂 Duomo di Milano
Dzmitry Lasko
Внутри миланского собора | Inside of Milan Duomo 2
Heiner Straesser -
Dining Room, Uchisar
Andrew Bodrov
Park Kadriorg Japanese Garden
Asset Imaging Photography
Zoran Strajin
Bazzar Shop, Via Dolorosa, Old City, Jerusalem
Ibrahim Tunca
Konya Kombassan Tower, North-east view
Mariusz Kalinowski
Nohoval cove
Özgür Örsoğlu
Ayhan Kotra Sinop
Louis-Alexis Fontaine
Accélérateur 4MeV IPN Lyon 002 111006
Jan Vrsinsky
Fish in Terra Nostra Park
luis davilla
s.joan de boi. vall de boi. lleida. spain
Özgür Örsoğlu
Sinop Cezaevi Disiplin Hücreleri Girişi
Vil Muhametshin
Baroque immersion at the Rundale palace, Latvia
Luis Marques
St. Moritz Frozen Lake
Luis Marques
Luis Marques
Zermeiggern Pumping Station
Luis Marques
Saas Fee - Blomattenstrasse
Luis Marques
Furggstalden - Switzerland
Luis Marques
Carcavelos Beach 2
Luis Marques
Palácio da Pena Entrance
Luis Marques
Casino Gardens
Luis Marques
Colombo Towers
Luis Marques
Palácio da Pena
Luis Marques
Oeiras Marina
Luis Marques
Bielmattstrasse 7 - Saas Fee
More About Milan

Italy’s and perhaps the world’s capital of fashion and design, Milano is home to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which is possibly the world’s oldest shopping mall. The city is currently undergoing an architectural renaissance, which will culminate in a new skyline for the Expo 2015, which will be hosted in Milano. Visitors can take advantage of an extensive public transportation system, which includes metro, buses, trolleys and trams.