Makkah Museum 2
Saudi Arabia

Purpose of establishment: 

To highlight the cultural and historical aspects of the Two Holy Mosques, and follow the directives of the General Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques.

The museum contains seven rooms distributed as follows:

Entrance hall: Contains pictures and old and new glass models of the Two Holy Mosques.

Hall of the Grand Mosque: Contains models of precious artifacts and inscriptions written especially in the Holy Mosques.

Hall of the Kaaba: Contains the models of the Kiswa (covering of Kaaba), the old door of Kaaba, the weaving machines for the manufacture of the Kiswa and other collectibles.

Hall of photography: Includes rare photographs of the Two Holy Mosques.

Hall of manuscripts: Models of calegraphy in two Holy Mosques, and a copy of Koran caligraphed by Osman bin Affan (may Allah be pleased with him).

Hall of Zamzam: The general framework of Zamzam well prepared in the early fourteenth century Hijri and old inscriptions and photographs of the old and new well of Zamzam.

Hall of the Prophet's Mosque: It includes examples of the Prophet's Mosque and rare artifacts, in addition to photographs.

Visiting hours:

In coordination with the Department of Museum Tel: 5490942/012


Makkah Mukarmma, Saudi Arabia, General Presidency for the Sacred Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque 

Tel / 012/5733388 / Ext: 208


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