Wooden Architecture and Folk Art Museum «Malye Korely», dvina sector, The Church of St. George, 1672
«Malye Korely» Museum of Wooden Architecture and Folk Art

The Church of St. George, 1672 

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Vologda Province, Solvychegodsk county Verkhnetoemsky parish, village vertices. St. George's Church is an example of a compound of rationalism and beauty in perfect harmony in the minds masterovitogo northern peasant. At the base of the church - an octagonal frame, which is surrounded by a covered gallery and crowned with a majestic dome tent on the drum. On the east side prirub church - the altar, on the west - the refectory. Altar, chapel and porch covered with curly roof. In the room of the temple is high dvuskhodnoe porch. 

Wooden Architecture and Folk Art Museum «Malye Korely» The special feature of the Museum is the fact that it was the first open-air museum in Russia the shape and plan of which had been designed basing on preliminary architectural, historical, ethnographical researches that had substantiated the monuments choice and location. The Museum strategy is to preserve the inimitable creations of the folk architecture to the future generations, to show the mode of daily life in the Russian northern village in the past. The Museum is located 25 km from Arkhangelsk, on the picturesque bank of the Northern Dvina, near the village of Malye Korely; it was opened for visitors in 1973.


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