Marie Laveau's Grave, St. Louis Cemetery #1 - New Orleans

Believed to be the grave of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, this tomb is the #2 visited grave site in the United States (2nd only to Elvis).  There are, I believe, 3 other sites that were deemed possibilities for her grave, but this is the widely accepted location.  Traditional gifts are left in front of the grave by those seeking her aid and blessings.  The gifts which seem to be the most accepted are liquor and money, as these seem to magically disappear. ;)

There is nothing particularly ornamental about the tomb itself other than the plaque, but starting in the 1950's a tradition began of drawing 3 X's on the tomb, spitting on the ground, then turning around in a circle 3 times to invoke her spirit.  The markings people leave behind on the tomb are the only thing that makes it stand apart from those around it.  It's incidentally illegal to leave those marks on the grave, but that doesn't seem to stop anyone.
The inscription on the plaque reads: 'This Greek Revival tomb is the reputed burial place of this notorious "voodoo queen".  A mystic cult, voodooism, of African origin, was brought to this city from Santo Domingo and flourished in the 19th century.  Marie Laveau was the most widely known of many practitioners of the cult.'

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