Saint Peter’s Church
Palerme - Sicily

Their origin dates back to the early Middle Ages during Gregorius Magnus’s pontificate (1590-1604).

The monastery is dedicated to St. Peter and Saint Martyrs Hermes, Lawrence, Pancratius, Sebastian, and Agnes.
Its construction was fostered by noblewoman Adeodata, the first abbess.
The façade, with a radial rose window and a triangular fronton of Renaissance inspiration, was built in 1569.
The church was consecrated on September 20th, 1716 by the Mazara bishop.
On the high altar there is a 17th century painting with St. Peter and Paul, another painting by G. Stefano from 1855 showing Pope Gregorius Magnus, another by Mariano de Cornia dated 1651 with Saint Bernard, and the Five Benedictine Nuns with the Saint Spirit  of the 18th century.
The fresco on the vaulted dome by Domenic La Bruna was partially destroyed.

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