Mateias Mausoleum
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Type: Spherical
Resolution: 4500x2250
Uploaded: 13/01/2009
Updated: 15/02/2012


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Raul Nita
Mateias Mausoleum
Hanul Sasului Cazare Sport Trasee Montane
Hanul Sasului Leresti Turism Arges Outside
Raul Nita
Câmpulung Muscel Hall
Alex Serban
Interior Muzeu Campulung
Muscelul Hotel in Campulung Arges Cheap
Alex Serban
Campulung Army House, Matei Basarab Street
Mihail Oprescu
Panoramic view from Rucar, Arges, Romania
Andrei Zdetoveţchi
Bears' Cave
Dambovicioara Cave Arges
Vieru Claudiu
Voina chalet
Vieru Claudiu
Hiking in Iezer Papusa
Calvin Jones
Devil's Playground, Box Elder, Utah
Andy Bryant
Rocher Du Lorzier Chartreuse
andrey air_man
Gokyo (4790m)
David Rowley
Midnight at Andenes
Thomas Huang
Moria Gate, Karamea, New Zealand
Markus Freitag
-Kloster Arnsburg- Das rote Tor
Zoran Strajin
Wooden Art Factory, Bethlehem
Bill Edwards
Seattle Central Library “Living Room” space, Seattle WA
Johan Offermans & Karl Overholt
Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel
David Rowley
Senja - Norway
John Roberts
Arch Rock, Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA
Mauricio Rubio - Videopontocom
Mirante Dona Marta - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - 28/05/2012
Neculai Gabriel
Mateias Mausoleum
Neculai Gabriel
Biserica Neagra
Neculai Gabriel
Turnu Alb
Neculai Gabriel
Neculai Gabriel
Piata Sfatului
Neculai Gabriel
Neculai Gabriel
Turu Negru
Neculai Gabriel
Vidraru Barrage
Neculai Gabriel
Balea Lac
Neculai Gabriel
Siriu Barrage
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This county has a total area of 6,862 km². The relief can be split into 3 distinctive parts. In the north side there are the mountains, from the Southern Carpathians group - the Făgăraş Mountains with Moldoveanu Peak (2,544 m), Negoiu Peak (2,535 m) and Vanatoarea lui Buteanu peak (2,508 m) towering the region, and in the North-East part the Leaotă Mountains. Between them there is a pass towards Braşov, the Rucăr-Bran Passage. The heights decrease, and in the center there are the sub-carpathian hills, with heights around 800 m, crossed with very deep valleys. In the south there is the northern part of the Romanian Plain.The main river that crosses the county is the Argeş River in which almost all the other rivers coming from the mountains flow. In the south the main rivers are the Vedea River and the Teleorman River.