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Megjid Janraisig

The Megjid janraisig statue was built to commemorate the independence from China proclaimed on 16 december 1911. Unfortunately, the magnificent Megjid Janraisig Sum, among other monasteries and temples, was destroyed during the communist purges of the late 1930-s. The huge Megjid Janraisig statue and the temple were restored and opened to the public view in 1996. The statue is 26.5 meters high, and weights 90 tons. 8.6kg of gold, 25kg of silver, 20 tons of copper, 27tons of steel, 15 tons of chalk, 30 tons of cement and 2100 precious stones were used to make it.

186 precious stones decorate the head of the statue. 1000 small statues of Ayush god were made to sit aside. Following the religious architectural code 2 stone lions to protect the god were made and put in front.

People’s donations, grants from foreign countries and state contributions made it possible to unveil the statue of Megjid janraisig: the Lord who looks in every direction.

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Copyright: D.Tulga
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Uploaded: 20/11/2009
Updated: 30/10/2012


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