Mermerli Street - 2
Kaleici / Antalya

Mermerli Street

One of the beautiful places for a panoramic view and a terreca in Kaleici, Antalya

The historic harbor 40 steps down from here.

Copyright: Levent Şen
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Taken: 13/11/2009
Uploaded: 17/11/2009
Updated: 06/10/2014


Tags: turkey; antalya; kaleiçi; mermerli street; mermerli sokak; sokak; street; panorama; panoramic; 360
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More About Kaleici / Antalya

Antalya Kaleici Virtual reality tour of  Kaleici , Antalya / TURKEY KALEICI : the historical center of ANTALYA ; now restored as the touristic centre of the city with its hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, and shopping. KALEICI retains much of its historical character and the restoration won the Golden Apple Prize, the Oscar of tourism.There are a large number of mosques, churches, madrasahs, masjids, hans and hamams in ANTALYA. KALEICI , the harbor which the city walls enclose is the oldest part of ANTALYA. In KALEICI , Yivli Minaret, Kesik Minaret and historic houses are to be found. In KALEICI , there is traditional Turkish architecture which strives for harmony with the nature. (wikipedia)