MichAdel | Japan Kumagaya Sakura Panorama


Kumagaya (熊谷市 Kumagaya-shi?) is a city in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

As of 2010, the city has an estimated population of 203,089 (9th in Saitama). The total area is 159.88 km2. The city is one of the biggest in northern Saitama Prefecture. It is the administrative, business and commercial centre in northern Saitama Prefecture. Eight national Highways and three railway lines serve the city. While many people commute towards south Tokyo, its daytime population is larger than the night population thanks to commuters from surrounding towns

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Copyright: Michael chien
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 4000x2000
Uploaded: 21/04/2013
Updated: 23/04/2013


Tags: michadel; blue sky 藍天; kumagaya 熊谷 くまがやし; panorama; sakura 櫻花; wideview; 全景; 百選; 熊谷櫻堤; 寬景
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Kumagaya station in Chichibu line
Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival : Day3 - Tatakiai
Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival : day 2 - The floats parade on the festival square
Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival : Day 2 - The floats parade
Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival : Day 2 - Tatakiai at Ginza
Yagibashi department store
Katsunori Takamatsu
Play Pool
Katsunori Takamatsu
Musashi Kids Dome02
Katsunori Takamatsu
Musashi Kids Dome03
Katsunori Takamatsu
Musashi Kids Dome01
Katsunori Takamatsu
West Gate Plaza High
Katsunori Takamatsu
West Gate Plaza
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Oberrothorn Zurich Switzerland
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Warszawski balon widokowy
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High View Nature Trail, Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA
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City of Sciences, Valencia
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Catacombs of Paris
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Promenade among Jatiluwih's beautiful terraced rice fields
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O'zapft is - Bergkirchweih 2012
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Alagamento na Rua Joaquim Nabuco
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The REI Pinnacle, Seattle, WA
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Corona Arch (west), Moab, Utah, USA
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MichAdel | Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto) - Taiwan Taroko National Park
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Taiwan High Speed Railway Zuoying Station
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MichAdel | Taiwan Flying Cow Farm Kamehameha Wave
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Taipei Chien-Cheng Circle Night View
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Taiwan High Speed Railway Zuoying Station(HDR Version)
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MichAdel | Taipei MRT Jiantan Station
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Marry Me At Taipei Xinyi District
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The eight islands of Japan sprang into existence through Divine Intervention.The first two gods who came into existence were Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Mikoto, the Exalted Male and Exalted Female. It was their job to make the land for people to live on.They went to the bridge between heaven and earth and, using a jewel-encrusted halberd, Izanagi and Izanami churned up the sea into a frothy foam. As salty drips of water fell from the tip of the halberd the first island was formed. Its name was Onogoro.So far, so good. But when Izanagi and Izanami first met on their island, Izanami spoke to Isanagi without being spoken to first. Since she was the female, and this was improper, their first union created badly-formed offspring who were sent off into the sea in boats.The next time they met, Izanagi was sure to speak first, ensuring the proper rules were followed, and this time they produced eight children, which became the islands of Japan.I'm sure you did not fail to miss the significance of this myth for the establishment of Japanese formal society.At present, Japan is the financial capital of Asia. It has the second largest economy in the world and the largest metropolitan area (Tokyo.)Technically there are three thousand islands making up the Japanese archipelago. Izanagi and Izanami must have been busy little devils with their jewelled halberd...Japan's culture is highly technical and organized. Everything sparkles and swooshes on silent, miniaturized mechanisms.They're a world leader in robotics, and the Japanese have the longest life-expectancy on earth.Text by Steve Smith.