Ok, thin air, blu sky and an altitude of 5000 meters. Try to breath..

Copyright: Maurizio Romano
Type: Spherical
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Uploaded: 17/12/2013
Updated: 22/08/2014


Tags: milaxueshan; tibet. china; 5000 meters; mountains
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Maurizio Romano
Milaxueshan 5000 meters in Tibet
Maurizio Romano
Milaxueshan Tibet
jacky cheng
Shannan area - Zedang Town business street
jacky cheng
Yarlung Zangbo River - “Shannan sector”
jacky cheng
山南藏王墓 Shannan Tibetan King grave
jacky cheng
Shannan area Zanang County - Zanang square
yunzen liu
the Lhasa River in lhasa city
yunzen liu
a wonderful sight in The Potala Palace 3
yunzen liu
a wonderful sight in The Potala Palace 4
Michael Maniezzo
Inside a Monks home/cave in Lhasa Tibet
jacky cheng
Lhasa - Jokhang Temple and the surrounding streets -37-2014
jacky cheng
Lhasa - the former site of the Qing government bureaucratic Amban gallery -16-2014
big stone guatape
Uwe Wieteck
Maxhütte - die Turbinenhalle des Kraftwerks
Comi Valentine
A view from a polar of building bridge, La Thanh street, Hanoi Vietnam (Ngã tư La Thành - Hào Nam)
Lotus Trail
René Mallick
Dawn Sardinia
Matteo Brunoro
Forcella Val del Drap
Majeed Panahee joo
Nobico Co Ali Sakhi Neda Naraghi Nobico Designing And Consulting Group Kashan 04
Martin Broomfield
Fishermen, Kilindoni, Mafia Island, Tanzania
yang xiaohong
sichuan-aba-lixian-bipenggou hetan
Markus Mammoliti
Oberer Grencherberg
Marek Lomnicky
High Tatras - Polsky hreben
Thorsten von Eicken
Toroweap Overlook on the Grand Canyon North Rim facing east
Maurizio Romano
Narrow canals in Zhujiajiaozhen - Shanghai - China
Maurizio Romano
Fountain in Xintiandi
Maurizio Romano
Tree in Tianji Zhang
Maurizio Romano
The long pier
Maurizio Romano
East China Unversity of Political Science and Law
Maurizio Romano
Sedaxueyuan temple city
Maurizio Romano
Pearl Tower from Pudog Pearl Ring
Maurizio Romano
Maurizio Romano
YuYuan Garden Shanghai
Maurizio Romano
Hainan - water mill
Maurizio Romano
Xintiandi2 360
Maurizio Romano
Gesaerwang temple
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Tibet Autonomous Region is situated at the southwest border, southwest of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, longitude 78 ° 25 'to 99 ° 06 ', latitude 26 ° 44 'to 36 ° 32 ' between. It is bounded by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province, northeast connecting the east of Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province, south-east and connected; south and west with Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Sikkim and Kashmir and other countries and regions bordering China and the formation of national and Border lines of all or part of a total length of 4,000 kilometers. Tibet, with its magnificent, magical magnificent natural scenery known. Her vast territory, spectacular landscape and abundant resources. Since ancient times, people of this land to create a rich and splendid culture.