Military Mashup, Camp Adams, Arlington Fly-In, Arlington, WA

Comrade Tracy and my son Bryce, in WW2 uniforms, ride Tracy's Soviet Ural motorcycle in the Camp Adams military history area at the annual Arlington Fly-In. Soldiers from other eras and conflicts stopped by to mix up the scene. After the photo Tracy took Bryce on a ride and ‘flew’ the sidecar.

Copyright: Bill edwards
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Tags: arlington; arlington municipal airport; fly-in; washington; ww ii; camp adams; ural; motorcycle; sidecar; military; soviet; russian; soldiers; tracy; bryce
  • Sergey Kozlov 12 months ago
    Sign on a box (in bike) tipicaly write on a transformator house and electro pillar, and mean " no goto up (or come in), electric danger - killing you!" :)
  • Bill Edwards about 1 year ago
    I agree with you. I was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. This is simply a photograph of actors in a military history area at the Arlington Fly-In. It is not meant to glorify military conflict.
  • Patricia Müller about 1 year ago
    Weapons are not funny. Shame on you!
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