Mirante para o Cristo Redentor no Parque da Catacumba no Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

The Catacomb Park in Rio de Janeiro is on the outskirts of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and has execelnte structure to receive visitors and has several walking trails and out door sports activities. Some of the trails lead to the two main viewpoints, this is one, the deck overlooking the Christ and the north bank of the Lagoa. Beside you can see the Morro dos Cabritos. See more in the Vista Panorâmica!

Copyright: Luciano correa | vista panoramica
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 24000x12000
Uploaded: 30/03/2011
Updated: 28/05/2014


Tags: mirante; lookout; cristo redentor; rio de janeiro; lagoa; rodrigo de freitas; park; catacumba; parque
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