misty woods (japanese ceder)
Copyright: Kiyoharu Takamura
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 12148x6074
Taken: 07/07/2013
Uploaded: 07/07/2013
Updated: 24/04/2014


Tags: japanese cedar; mist; woods
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    kiyoharu takamura
    Ike no taira
    kiyoharu takamura
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    kiyoharu takamura
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    kiyoharu takamura
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    kiyoharu takamura
    surugadaira natural park
    kiyoharu takamura
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    kiyoharu takamura
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    kiyoharu takamura
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    kiyoharu takamura
    platform in Keyakidaira station
    kiyoharu takamura
    inner citadel (Hamamatsu castle)
    kiyoharu takamura
    kiyoharu takamura
    ashitaka park at night-2
    kiyoharu takamura
    kiyoharu takamura
    subashiri grand canyon
    kiyoharu takamura
    kiyoharu takamura
    kiyoharu takamura
    Kibouhou in Yugawara
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