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The town of Gülnar is 32 km (20 mi) inland on a plain high in the Taurus (Toros ) Mountains, attractive countryside known for its vineyards and its green meadows used for summer grazing.

Gülnar is a small town providing high schools and other basic amenities to the surrounding villages.(Town population. 8 357)

The road from central Anatolia to Anamur on the Mediterranean coast passes through here, one of the windiest roads imaginable, making Gulnar a remote district indeed.

The area has been occupied since the time of the Hittites, and was later settled by the Assyrians, Persians, Egyptians and later the Ancient Romans. The people of Gülnar today are descendents of the Turkmen ( Yörük ) tribes that came here from Central Asia in the 13th century. (Among older generation of Turkmens Gülnar is usually named as Anaypazarı )

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