Monastery of St. Pafnuty at the night
Kaluga Oblast

Monastery of St. Pafnuty was founded in 1444 near with Borovsk, Russia. This pano had been captured at the end of november in the middle of the night (02:00 am) with very long exposure time = 1 min. The light in the sky from the right side of monastery is not a dawn or sunset. It's a light of big greenhouses with rose gardens. So the people who leave around 5km from this rosarium already forget about dark nights. The nights now have yellow color...

Camera: Canon 550D

Lens: Samyang 8mm
Exposure: 1 min
Focal length: f/22
ISO: 100

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Copyright: Andrey Gorlachev
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8000x4000
Taken: 29/11/2012
Uploaded: 01/12/2012
Updated: 09/10/2014


Tags: russia; borovsk; monastery; россия; Боровск; монастырь; Пафнутьев монастырь; Пафнутьевский монастырь; abbey; monastery of st. pafnuty
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More About Kaluga Oblast

Kaluga Oblast  is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast). Its administrative center is the city of Kaluga. It was created in 1944 out of four other oblasts: Moskva Oblast, Orel Oblast, Smolensk Oblast, and Tula Oblast. It is located at the historical region of the former Kaluga Governorate.