Mont Dauphin Centre
Hautes Alpes
main street of Mont Dauphin, a historic city in the French Alps
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Michel Geven
Mont Dauphin, Gestion Sociale des Armées
Michel Geven
Jeu de boule track Mont Dauphin
Olivier Joseph
L'église Saint-Louis de Mont-Dauphin
Michel M A L H E R B E.
Mont Dauphin
Olivier Joseph
L'Arsenal de Mont-Dauphin
Olivier Joseph
Le Pavillon de l'Horloge à Mont-Dauphin
Michel Geven
Hill behind Mont Dauphin
Olivier Joseph
L'entrée de Mont-Dauphin par le Pavillon de l'Horloge
Olivier Joseph
La porte de Briançon à Mont-Dauphin
Olivier Joseph
Les remparts de Mont-Dauphin, forteresse de Vauban dans les Hautes-Alpes
Olivier Joseph
La lunette d'Arçon de Mont-Dauphin
Michel M A L H E R B E.
Pascal Moulin
Panneau de la commune de La Baleine - France
Willy Kaemena
Bremen Bürgerpark Nov 1, 2011
Giovanni Saini
Ponte Dell'Olio (PC) Castello di Folignano - Porticato
Arno Dietz
Claudio Muzzetto
Santa Teresa Gallura, belvedere
Bernd Kronmueller
Penrhyn Castle - Autumn colours
Supasit Srisawathsak
Kaset Intersection Bangkok Flood 2011
Charilaos Kalogirou
Old bridge at Boidomatis River
Magnus Andersen
Volkonskogo Gora, Peak, Antarctica
Kevin Hughes
Over The Edge, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
Rahim hamada-www.deja-view.org
White desert
Brian Conroy
Zion National Park, November 2009
Michel Geven
Church of Zevenaar
Michel Geven
Pole panorama of the Sint-Vitus Church in Hoch-Elten
Michel Geven
Statue IJsselkade
Michel Geven
windmill Zeddam
Michel Geven
Place d'Armes Briançon
Michel Geven
Family in front of the gate
Michel Geven
The smallest city of the Netherlands
Michel Geven
Coach at Schloß Bevern
Michel Geven
Mont Dauphin, Gestion Sociale des Armées
Michel Geven
Stokkum church
Michel Geven
Entrance of Bergh Castle
Michel Geven
More About Hautes Alpes

The department is surrounded by the following French departments: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Drôme, Isère, and Savoie. Italy borders it on the east. Hautes-Alpes is located in the Alps mountain range. The average elevations is over 1000 m, and the highest elevation is over 4000 m. The only three sizable towns are Gap, Briançon, and Embrun, which was the subprefecture until 1926. The third highest commune in all of Europe is the village of Saint-Véran. Gap and Briançon are the highest prefecture and subprefecture in France. Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hautes-Alpes